Welcome to Amazium

The clean & simple responsive framework..!

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Introducing Amazium...

So what is Amazium I hear you ask, well you may have been hearing the term "Responsive Web Design" being thrown around the past few months, which simply means a website that can adjust to your screen size without having to make a separate website!

Rapid Prototyping

Time is a very precious thing these days and with Amazium we've done all the basics for you so you can very quickly setup your website ready for styling using our 12 column grid.

Simple Code Base

We have tried to keep Amazium clean & simple so all you have to worry about is adding all the nice touches to make your site awesome.

4 corners

Amazium is built to do all the hard work of resizing your content using 4 media queries (1200px, 960px, 768px & < 767px)


As with all good things Amazium is on Github, which means you're free to take it and do what you want with it and hopefully make it better for all..!

Containing Amazium

Amazium has been available for over 3 years so we thought it would be good if we put a small collection of websites that are using Amazium. If you would like to add your own site email us and we'll be happy to add it to the collection.

  1. Jellyfish
  2. Punchout PHP
  3. PSV Cabins
  4. Protegem
  5. Get Lashed Up Beauty
  6. Carmeleta
  7. NHU


It's always nice to recieve feedback but if you have something negative I would prefer you not post it here, thanks.